Frequently Asked Questions

What is the correct way to enter a balanced reaction?

Do not use the count entry on the molecule descriptor grid to balance your equation. The count entry only serves as a counter to the number of groups and not molecules. Use this screen to describe each reactant and product compound or element on the molecular descriptor grid screen. Once this is done, choose the reaction thermochemistry icon. This results in a screen where the user identifies each chemical as a reactant or product. The user also enters the molar stoichiometric coefficients for the reaction. The program will generate an error message if the reaction is not balanced. This process is also demonstrated in the demo section of the web site and is further explained in the user’s manual.

Can I do an energy release evaluation calculation on an ideal gas molecule?

Yes. The correlations used for the energy release evaluation are valid for gas, liquid, or solids.

32-bit vs. 64-bit Hardware and Software

CHETAH is supplied as a 32-bit Microsoft Access application. As with most 32-bit applications, CHETAH 32-bit will operate on a 64-bit PC. CHETAH 32-bit does require Microsoft Access 32-bit (or Microsoft Access 32-bit Runtime, supplied as a no-cost installation option with the CHETAH installation package).

Some users may have the 64-bit version of Microsoft Access / Microsoft Office already installed. There is a 64-bit version of CHETAH 11.0 available upon request. Please contact please contact for more information.

Opening a Zip File: If your operating system does not recognize the downloaded zip file then you might need to install WinZip® (or similar software) from in order to run the service pack on your computer. A trial version of the software can be downloaded from

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